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Core Real Estate

" Don't Wait To Buy It... Just Buy and Wait... "

     Real estate is a tangible asset and a type of real property. It includes land, building and other improvement plus the right of use and enjoyment of that land.Real Estate can include Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Land Real Estates. As urban living experts,Core can help you get the most out of the cities you love to live in. Our Unique understanding and research into the residential market means we can support your ambitions to buy, sell, rent or invest.

CORE REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT team will act as an intermediate of property seekers and the property Owners. We always maintain a professional dealings with our clients and all.

  •      We will discover buying, selling and renting opportunities for residential real estate.

  •      Core will help to Identify the right market and property backed up by current and predictive residential trends.

  •      Core helps to analyze market and property trends and get best use recommendations for residential real estate. Secure accurate property valuations and advice.

  •      We hepls to find the best investment opportunities, Source capital at a competitive rate, and get contract review and due diligence support. We also access market knowledge and live data to driven   developement decisions.


  • Residential Real Estate
  •      We deals with Housing for individuals, families or group of peoples. Within residential there are single family homes, apartments, townhouses and other types of living arrangement.

  • Commercial Real Estate
  •      Under Commercial Real Estate, We helps in identify the properties used exclusively for business purpose or to provide work space rather than a living space. The Commercial property includes Leisure, Retail, Office Space and convinenet stores..

  • Industrial Real Estate
  •      Core helps us to identify the spaces need to be tailored to specific goals for different kind of business. Our services under Industrial Real Estate are Factories, Business Parks, Mines and Farms,Construction, Transportation, Logistics and Warehouse.

  • Land Real Estate
  •      Land in the business sense can refers to real estate or property, minus building and equipments, which is designated by fixed spatial boundaries.

         Our Team assists prospective purchasers to identify, evaluate, and buy land. We work with landowners and developers to sell land through private sale/ joint development/ re-development/ acquisition and help structure joint development agreement between landowners and developers.

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